YogaNidra Training with Chitra Sukhu

Yoga Nidra Traning
for teachers
- 12-14 Sept 2019 - Thursday to Saturday - in Stockholm, Sweden.
The training is in English, BUT it is possible to do your guiding in Swedish (Fredrik will assist Chitra)

We are very happy to be able to get Chitra Sukhu back for another Yoga Nidra training with us!
Last time was a total success with many pleased students. There is a limited amount of spots for this training.
Chitra Sukhu has a long experience and have lived the yogic life since was a small kid. She travels around the world where she is hired to lead trainings of Yogic, Ayurvedic and Spiritual subjects.

Since this training will be in English we welcome teachers from
around the world.
Requirements is to have a 200h traning or equal.
If you are registered with Yoga Alliance this course will give you YACEP hours to add there.

For interest or booking please email us at

Contents - Yoga Nidra training.

We will go through philosophy, the techniques, manuscripts, the understanding of the process of Yoga Nidra both from a more scientific view but mainly as the yogic/ tantric/ spiritual practice it is. The course will be based on the Yoga and Ayurveda literature and scriptures, teachings of Swami Sivananda, Swami Satyananda, Swami Rahma and Chitra Sukhu's own profound discoveries.

During this training you will have a quit intensive Yoga Nidra practice, which allows you to get a higher understanding about the power of Yoga Nidra even within 3 days. This practice will help to to restore body, mind and Yoga
Nidra can remove emotional & psychic blocks. Chitra will hold inspiring lectures to bring about a deep understanding of the actual Yoga Nidra process. Along all the practice there is also of course time to practice to teach Yoga Nidra.

Upon completion of this training in Yoga Nidra studies and practice, students will be capable to teach Yoga Nidra to their students and the community. A great practice when dealing with stress, addiction, trauma, depression and insomnia.

- please e-mail us at

This training is open to students that have a 200h Yoga Teacher Training certificate or equal.

If you are registered within Yoga Alliance you can add these hour of training as YACEP to your License.

Preliminary schedule
Thursday 08-17
Friday 08-19*
Saturday 08-19*
* since late days and no dinner break, please bring fruit & snacks or so to keep your energy

Price & Registration.

The fee for this training is 6500kr (about 620€ / 700$)
Not included in the fee: Food, accommodation, travel/ transport.
* * * * *
If cancelation is done between 31/7-30/8 you can get 50% back (2000kr)
If cancelation is done after 31/8 you can get 3250kr back but only if you can
show a doctors medical report that says clearly that you cant attend this training.

About Chitra Sukhu

Her Mother is Leela Mata-ji is a world renowned yoga teacher that has taught for more than 20 years with great love and understandingand gives seminars around the world. Her father is the super well known Yoga Master "Yogi Hari" who runs a yoga ashram in Florida & is the founder of Sampoorna Yoga. Both direct disciples of Swami Vishnudevananda for many years

Some people live their Life for a Cause.
Chitra Sukhu has committed her Life in to enhance the Lives of Others. Her Purpose (Dharma) is,
"To raise the Consciousness of the World, so that All may live Happier, Healthier Lives together as a Whole."
She teaches around the world, and held many trainings at the Yoga Vidya Ashram (Germany) for 6-7 years.
She also teaches within Tantra and many Spiritual subjects and recorded 11 guided Meditation-Cd's.
She lived in Sivananda Ashrams mostly in US but also around the world from when she was only 3 years old.
Since the age of three, Chitra has practiced Yoga and Meditation daily.
Such immersion in this Classical Culture, Discipline, and Celebration of Life is very unusual now a days.